Insights into Spirituality Meanings

Being spiritual doesn’t mean that you are religious. There is a huge difference between religion and spirituality, and the last one has a much deeper meaning. It was differently defined by people throughout time, but there has not been established a universal definition for spirituality.

In a few words, being spiritual means that you live your life in accordance to God’s wishes. God is not something defined in a special religion – but a universal entity that governs our lives and makes sure we are guarded. So, living you life like this means that you have a free will and that you should be loving, caring and conscious that everything that surrounds you is the creation of the same God.

You Are the Light

spiritualThere is this concept in every culture that people were created by divine beings. Translated, this means that people are the descendant of divinities that long time ago came in this world. This concept appears in all the religions, and it has to have some truth in it. Therefore, every one has a little spark of divinity inside. You have the power to achieve so many things, due to this little spark of light that you have. Spirituality means that everyone is grater and powerful than what they think they are. This goes beyond the physical body, as it’s something that resides inside you – your own personal power to make things go forward.

Let Yourself Be Inspired

spirituality (1)The word, spirituality, comes from the word spirit, and it can be explained by matters that are related to the spirit. You surely have noticed that these words sound similar to expire and inspire, therefore it is a connection between them. Spirituality means that you can be filled and you can feel the spiritual energy that offers you inspiration.

There is a spiritual force in everyone, and each of you has the potential to feel that inspiration and let himself be filled with it. This is roughly translated into joy, love, wisdom, service for others and for yourself and peacefulness. It’s important to find the thing that connects you to your inner self, and what allows you to experience your spiritual life force.

The Spiritual Approach

The materialistic approach of the world says that everything can be relied on empirical evidence given by the five senses – hear, see, smell, taste and touch. The spiritual approach of the world goes beyond these things by simply altering their own vision. What spirituality means is that you have to look within yourself and find those things that you seek inside you, because you can rely only on what you find there. The external world with the things that surround you can come and go, while the spirit, the soul, the things that make you who you are, will always be there.



When you hear spirituality, you often thing about religion. The truth is that spirituality can be defined as the mystical face of the religion. This is because while the religion gives you clear rules for living your life, the spirituality only gives you concepts that you have to improve.

Acceptable-Spirituality1This means that in spirituality, you need to understand that the essence of every soul is the wellspring of divinity. It’s more about your personal research for the purpose of your existence, than about following blindly a set of rules. You need to look beyond what you see and find the significance of what you feel, finding answers with your soul rather than your mind.

Spirituality also means that you have to live your life in respect and love for God, the divine being that protects all life. You also have to show respect and love for yourself and for everyone else.

In the end, it’s important to understand that you can be part of any religion and still be a spiritual person who searches for inner peace and wisdom.